MTC prodution of HENRY VI by William Shakespeare

“For its debut performance, the Midlantic Theatre Company took all three parts of Shakespeare’s “Henry VI” and condensed it into one play, clocking in at 1 hour and 45 minutes. Never has the War of the Roses been this fast, and this thrilling. The end result is sharp, well-paced and extremely well-acted. … Scenes of Queen Margaret relishing her victory over the slimy Duke of York; the rebel Jack Cade dispensing his version of justice with his band of misfits; and Richard, son of York, turning into the villainous Richard the Third before our very eyes are all breathtaking. With this production, Midlantic has caught lightning in a bottle, but unlike lightning, I hope it will strike again. I await its next production with great anticipation.” - – Barry Liebman, WWNY TV Channel 65 Manhattan

“I loved Henry VI. It was so incredibly interesting and really well done. So nice and simple, but sooo good. Loved it!” - – Greg Salmon, All My Children Casting

“The acting and directing were solid.” - – Lisa Key, Scout for Loretta Van der Veer, Management

“Good work all around.” - – Bob Luke, Manager & Casting Advisor

“Let me just say that what sets apart good Shakespeare performances from the rest is if the story is understandable… I did understand what was going on throughout the scenes. I thought that the scene selection made sense.” - – Stephen Smith, DLT Entertainment

“I liked it. It was creative. I will call people.” - – Destiny Lilly, Extra Talent Agency

“A simple production, a good idea and a noble effort.” - – Eric Parnes, Resonance Theatre Ensemble

“Overall, a very good presentation.” - – Stephan Diacrussi, American Thymele Theatre

“Virginia has a great background.” - – Michael Swiskey, Playwright

“I look forward to seeing what else this group has to offer.” - – Kessa di Santis

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