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Chanelle Benz (Elizabeth Woodville, “Henry vI:  An Experiment”)  Chanelle is a graduate of Boston University’s Acting Program and also trained at LAMDA. She has worked at various theaters including: The Huntingdon Theater Company, HERE, Theater For The New City, Galapagos Art Space, Columbia University Stages, The Abingdon Theater and The Red Room. Favorite credits: Solange in The Maids, Natascha in Three Sisters , Vassilisa in The Lower Depths, Alice/Jove in GUT Symmetries, and Millamant in The Way of the World. 

At the tender age of ___ (still in her teens!), Chanelle directed Ms. Hammer, A.D. of MTC, in Beckett’s “Footfalls” and Pinter’s “That’s All,” (Pick of the Fringe, Phila. Int’l Fringe Festival ,1999) as well as masterfully and gracefully guiding/directing Virginia’s 1-woman show, “Shape,” a collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets and jazz songs, performed in Philadelphia (2001) and Princeton & Trenton, NJ (2002), replayed at Phila’s Int’l Fringe Festival, 2002.   NB:  Ms. Benz is now a gifted, published short story writer, viz., her debut collection:  #”The Man Who Shot Out My Eyes is Dead.”    Big surprise.  The woman excels in everything she does.  Keep spreading that Light, Ms. Benz. 

So Gratefully, M.T.C.

Dylan Bluestone (Young Henry/Petitioner 2/Clerk/Prince Edward) started his career at age 2 when he started doing schtick in the family room. At 3 he landed the role of Daniel in As the World Turns where he stayed for 6 1/2 years. His other TV credits include Law and Order, ESN’s “Wayne Street,” Sesame Street, Naked Brothers’ Band and numerous national commercials. His film credits include Kevin Bacon’s “Loverboy”, Rainier Judd’s “Remember Back, Remember When” and several industrials. He studies with Diane Hardin and Sheila Gray. This is his first professional theater performance. Great, too! [Virginia’s words, but likely Dyl’s, too.]

David Palmer Brown* (Gloucester) – Has played, over many years, a variety of roles in Washington, D.C. and New York, including: Thomas Becket (Murder in the Cathedral), Dracula (title role), Older in It’s Not Even Past (PUSH Productions); Mephisto (Theatre of Necessity) and Frank Elgin in The Country Girl (at New Actors Workshop).


Dan Burkarth* (Clifford) – is also currently in Fox Media’ Roommates at the Producer’s Club II. He serves on the Board of Directors with Turtle Shell Productions as their Teen / intern Coordinator. Recently he received acclaim for his portrayal of the pompous but charming Shakespearian ham actor, Edward J. Thornton III in Theatre for New City’s The Ghosts of 14th Street. Dan is delighted to be part of this talented cast! FaceBook

Giovanni Vargas (Curtis, “Two Realities”): Giovanni trained @ Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival.  He has acted with:  Wonderland One Act Festival, Around the Block Theatre Group, Coconut Daughters Productions, West Side Actors Studio and Valencia Character Company in NYC.  On YouTube, he can be seen parodying Obama in “Border Jump Off” for “Fresh Prince of DC,” with whom he has also written and produced.

Not even a recent bout with Epstein-Bar virus, which sidetracked Giovanni recently for a wee while, can keep this graceful, glorious powerhouse down, however.  Shouldering super-support of his literally 1000s of fans, friends and family, this Phoenix has risen to even greater heights and strong, HEALTH is back on track. Businessman, singer, actor and overall Inspiring Guiding Light:  GIOVANNI !  TALENT TO BURN.   THIS MAN IS IT.  IT.

Jarvis Smith (Sidney, “Two Realities”): received his training from University of Delaware. He has been seen on many TV shows and with many O-O-Bwy companies, including most recently, “Bored to Death.” This is the second time he has worked with Virginia Hammer (the first in June 2010’s “Global Warming” Theatre Festival @ 13th St. Rep, NYC) and the first in Newark, with, he hopes, many more to come.

 Cast Photo- "Vagina Monologues Newark 2017" full cast - 2:11:17 - @ Kilkenny'sFull Cast-The Vagina Monologues,” Feb. 2017 – full cast @-Kilkennys, Newark

Melissa Bianco first became involved with V-Day in the early productions of “The Vagina Monologues” at her Alma Mater, Steven’s Institute of Technology. She played the character “The Little Coochi Snorcher Who Could.”  At Midlantic’s production, she asks you to join her in “Reclaiming Cunt.”
Lindley Lee is a native New Yorker. She is very happy to be a part of the “Vagina Monologues”.  She believes there is nothing more rewarding than being able to do what she loves (acting) and give back at the same time.  Proud member of AEA.
Mz. Mariposa / Suzanne Joblonski: –   MTC “The Vagina Monologues,” Newark 2017Original Piece:  “Thriving:”    Silenced before and not believed by the systems in place designed to help survivors of domestic violence, she publicizes her experiences not only to help those affected by it, but to bring about systemic changes. She is an advocate for underserved and unserved populations that for whatever reason cannot speak for themselves. She is also a mother of 2, a student of life, and committed to community service by volunteering for various agencies in Newark.
 Gerit Quealy as Louise Nevelson, MTC at Newark Museum 3-12-17GQ Gerit Quealy as Emily Dickinson, MTC Newark Museum 2017
Gerit Quealy:MTC “The Vagina Monologues,” Newark 2017“The Vagina Workshop” and Emily Dickinson / Louise Nevelson for MTC @ Newark Museum, Second Sundays, Women’s History Month, March 2017:  Writer/editor/speaker/spy & occasional actor Gerit Quealy began her career on the soap Ryan’s Hope, progressed to Shakespeare, notably Juliet opposite Robert Sean Leonard’s Romeo, expanded to journalism at the New York Times and Huffington Post, among others, and rose to researcher, paleographer & historian of Shakespeare, which resulted in her forthcoming book, Botanical Shakespeare, with a foreword by Helen Mirren.  She is thrilled to add “The Vagina Monologues” to her résumé.
Irene Queen is a life-long advocate of the arts in Newark.  She is a free-lance writer and retired jazz promoter.  Irene lives in Newark with her son, Jack.
Lil Rhee is a comedic actress living the dream in New York City.  She performs sketch comedy and improv at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Eva Tieno & daughters Renata and Jimena Rivera
– Thx, Oscar! Eva hails orig.’ly from Peru. Renata shone in MTC’s Dec. 2014 Halsey St. Short Play Festival in Kevin Lasenberry’s powerful, magical “Deadly Habits” as Dana /”Sloth.”
Exquisite singers both, she played the Witch and younger sis, Jimena, Dorothy, last year in high school.
VIVA, muchachas!  Mucho grazias.
Bob? Nie Victoria - "Vagina Monologues Newark 2017" full cast - 2:11:17 - @ Kilkenny'sNikki Michelle: -“MTC 2017 Vagina Monologues / The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could” and “Edmonia Lewis, Sculptress” for Newark Museum, Second Sundays, Women’s History Month, March 2017:    Nikki is a life long resident of the City of Newark. She is dedicated to her performance art and giving back to the community.  As a Member of Special Audiences Theater Company, she has performed in venues across the state NJ.  She has worked in various movies dating back to “Jungle Fever” and “Sex in the City,” as well as TV shows, more recently such as “She’s Gotta Have It,” Keven Can Wait” and “Madam Secretary.”  “Even if she didn’t have lines or worked in craft services or was prisoner number 4, her performance is always Oscar-worthy.”
Thee Nie VictoriaMTC 2017 Vagina Monologues  / “Because He Liked to Look” and “My Angry Vagina”   is an aspiring entertainer hailing out of Paterson NJ! She attended Rosa L. Parks High School of Fine and Performing Arts, where she pursued Drama.  She recently completed filming in “Shakedown Feat.” which received an enthused showing @ Newark’s 2017 2nd Annual International Film Festival.  Her goal is to inspire all over the world through her acting!
Muju Thompson is a native of Newark, NJ. Acting since middle school, starting again on stage in 2008.  You can see her in several short films and webseries on YouTube,
Kisha Gordon  – MTC 2017 Vagina Monologues / “I Was in the Room” +  Zora Neale Hurston / Winona Lipman for Newark Museum, Second Sundays, Women’s History Month, March 2017:  Mother of 2 and a teacher to many. Majored in Creative Writing; Has a B.A. in English Literature; Currently working towards a Masters in Education. Has worked in education for almost 20 years. 
“I take great pride in my contributions to the minds I help grow.” 

 Keora Barkley as Phyllis Wheatley, profile, 3_12_17  Keora Barkley as Phyllis Wheatley 3_12_17Keora Barkley as Phyllis Wheatley, NEWARK MUSEUM:  Second Sundays:  WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH, March 2017.  

Keora Barkley  is a tremendously gifted newcomer to the professional stage, though by no means a beginner in Acting.  she presently attends NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts as a freshman.   Watch this Space, y’all!   Keora’s the Real Deal and will make Newark proud; she already does.   –  Gratefully, Midlantic Theatre Co., Newark

Sarah Georges, Sarah Vaughan, MTC Newark Museum 3:12:17 Sarah Georges as Newark’s Own Sarah Vaughan:   NEWARK MUSEUM:  Second Sundays:  WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH, March 2017. 

Sarah is a relative newcomer to    Newark, though sure to rise.  She is a gifted, experienced singer who hails originally from the beautiful Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire.  Welcome, Sarah!

Denise Santoro  is a certified teacher of Pre-K Music for 18 years for Elizabeth, NJ.  She has also been a professional musician on piano and keyboards for Lo, nigh on these 40+ years and is the leader of the powerfully successful, grooving 9-pc. NEWARK Pop / Soul / Funk band, “Diamonds in Jupiter.”    GROOVING IN YOUR SOUL SYSTEM! 

Janice Humphrey – Dana “Sloth” and Maya Angelou / Margaret Tafoya / Maria Tallchief:  This Brooklyn born, Bloomfield resident revisited the role of Dana / “Sloth” in Kevin Lasenberry’s masterful “Deadly Habits” for MTC‘s 2015 Short Play Festival, as well as playing her in the Midtown Theater Festival, NYC in 2012, where it won 1st Place for Best Short Play.  Janice made her stage debut in the mysterious “At the Edge of Town” and has appeared in several original productions for Theater in God, which tours throughout the Tri-State Region.  LOL Comedy came next with “Hotel Lucky,” and most recently, supporting and lead roles in the secretive drama, “Hugs & Kisses.” Ride along as she dabbles in expression and transformation.

Denise S., Janice H. and VCH - Nwk Museum 3.12.17


Tom Cox (Warwick/Petitioner 2/Dick Butcher/Northumberland) – Tom is obsessed with King Lear (the play and the role) having done Cornwall in a staged production and readings as Lear, Kent, Gloucester, Oswald, Cornwall and the Doctor. Favorite roles have included Chebutykin in Chekhov’s Three Sisters (dir. by Gerald Glackin) and Inspector Hound in Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Inspector Hound.”

Joe Hamel (Duke of York) Off Broadway: understudied and performed the role of Messer Nicia in the Pearl Theatre Company 2008 production of Machiavelli’s The Mandrake. Other roles include, Brutus, Touchstone, Bob Cratchit, and Lum in Gorilla Rep.’s Fool. Joe is a member of the Hudson Warehouse theatre company. Thanks to directors, cast and crew.



Virginia Hammer* (Margaret; Artistic Director of Midlantic Theatre Co.) Training: Central School, London and NYU. West End, London: Aspects of Love; Regional U.K.: Perth, York, London Fringe. Regional, U.S.: Alaska Rep., classics and comedy Fringe in Phila., v/o’s for many Philly industries; Irish band Skibereen in Philly; jazz singing in NY and Phila.Has acted in many great new plays by brilliant writers Tevya Abrams, Dean Bevan, Fred deLuna, Tom Lavignino, Elise Marenson, Neville Mur, Morna Martell, William Petersen and Larry Schwabach, among others, with Tri-State Rep, Around the Block and Village Playwrights, where her full-length Stuck in Deposit, one-acts The Two and Holiday in Velours, insane monologue The Thespians, or Off to the Shakeathon! and soon, full-lengths Reunions and Real Power have been/will be read.

Art Takes Money. Just call me: La Grande Schmooze. $$$.  Please, Y’ALL.  PLEASE:

 Please do Read My Lips here: 2017 UPDATE:



Thanks for perusing our site, thanks to this splendid company and to all the wonderful kids I?ve taught in the Philadelphia and now:  NEWARK! schools.

Karl Hanover* (Henry VI) – is a graduate of the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver. Regionally he has worked with the Denver Center Theatre Company, CalShakes, Berkeley Rep, and the San Francisco and Philadelphia Shakespeare Festivals. Most recently he performed the voices of Atlas and Fontaine for the computer game BioShock, and he continues to be involved in the original work Expedition 6, written and directed by Bill Pullman.


Suzanne Hayes* ( Elinor, “Henry VI; “My Angry Vagina,” MTC “Vagina Monologues” 2017 Newark) – previously appeared in Henry VI as King Henry in Judith Shakespeare’s famously cross-gendered production, portrayed Trinculo in their production of The Tempest and Sir Plume in their “Rape of the Lock” (Alexander Pope). Other Shakespeare credits include Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Olivia in Twelfth Night. She has appeared in several films of her husband Michael Patrick Kelly, including producing and appearing in Operation Lysistrata, the documentary of the largest theatrical act of protest in our history. On the steering committee of THAW, Theaters Against War, she gives much time and energy to advocating for peace and has appeared with THAW on The Next Hour on WBAI radio.

She is also an experienced film producer, working with her husband, Michael Kelly, producing short films, documentaries and features with their company Aquapio Films Ltd. Their most recent endeavor, the feature “Isn’t It Delicious,” stars Kathleen Chalfant, Keir Dullea and Alice Ripley, all luminaries of NY theatre and the screen, which is available on Amazon in the US and just sold overseas. She is a veteran of the Vagina Monologues, performing with the 4th Unitarian VDay group featuring Tovah Feldshuh, and also “A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer,” produced by casting director Debbie DeLisi and featuring stars of Saturday Night Live.  She is currently working on a verbatim play, taken from the blog of a cancer-stricken woman who advocates for the right to die with dignity.  Proud member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA.

Bennett Pologe (Richard) – Phantom (Phantom of the Opera – Yeston-Kopit), Raul (Phantom of the Opera – David Bell). Regional: Pirate King (Pirates of Penzance), Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit (Guys and Dolls), the King (The King and I), Riff Raff (Rocky Horror Show), Jake (“Jake’s Women” and, at Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre, an elf, a millionaire and a skeleton. Shakespeare: Buckingham (Richard III), Warwick (Henry VI), Bellarius (Cymbeline), Shylock, Brutus, Polonius.  Bennett possesses a true lyric tenor and has sung at Lincoln Center in New York, along with several nationally acclaimed light opera companies.  He’s also performed and Playmastered (cast) countless Shakespeare staged readings, along with Ms. Hammer and many fun others, with the redoutable Instant Shakespeare Co., NYC — Paul Sugarman, Founder — which has graced many branches of the NYPL for 18 years.

Ben is also a Ph.D Psychiatrist, with a practice of 30+ years, who also devotes much of his time, pro bono, working with incarcerated prisoners.  He  recently published the acclaimed:   Stop Lying: Getting Un-lost and Un-stuck in Your Life –

Ben has not appeared on Law and Order.

Jordan Reeves* (Suffolk/Edward) Jordan is a NY based actor, director and fight choreographer. He holds a MFA in Acting from the Brown University/Trinity Repertory Consortium. He is also the Artistic Director and a founding member of the Guerrilla Shakespeare Project, where his roles include Richard III in,“Richard III,” Valentine in “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and DENNIS in“This is our Youth”. Regional: Trinity Repertory Company “Cyrano,” “Romeo and Juliet” Orlando Shakespeare Festival “Oedipus at The Crossroads,” “JACK and the Beabstalk” New American Theatre “Three Musketeers,” “Arsenic and Old Lace”. If you’d like to know more about Jordan check out his web site at

Josh Thelin* (Cardinal Beaufort/Clarence) – NY: Day of Absence, Classical Theatre of Harlem; Job, Storm Theatre; Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot; Cymbeline (Folding Chair). Regional: Shear Madness and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, The Kennedy Center; Henry VIII and Punk Hamlet, Taffety Punks, Julius Caesar; Romeo and Juliet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Baltimore Shakespeare Festival. Everyman Theatre, The Shakespeare Theatre Company, Capital Fringe. Training: MFA., Academy for Classical Acting (ACA). Oberlin College. Member: First Look Theatre Company.   — NB:  JOSH IS NOW a COMMUNITY ACTIVIST IN SAN FRANCISO, CA.  Acting’s loss is San Fran’s gain.  We miss ya, Josh!  Your talent, high intelligence & so-caring heart shine on.

Larry Weeks (Jack Cade/Messenger/Murderer) – A lifelong rock-n-roller (keyboards, vocals) and self-avowed Shakespeare geek, this is Larry’s 20th Shakespeare production. Favorite roles include Pandarus (Troilus and Cressida, Shakespeare in the Wild), Buckingham (Richard III) and Claudius (Hamlet – Gorilla Rep). Thanks to Virginia, directors and cast for their perseverance.




Gerald Glackin graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Theatre. He did his post-graduate studies at the British American Drama Academy, where he was fortunate to study with Earle Gister (former Dean of Yale’s Acting Program). He continued studying with Mr. Gister at the Actor’s Center. Gerald has worked in the Delaware Valley, New York and London. He co-founded 2060 Inc., a not for profit theater company in New York City, in 2003. He has produced, acted and/or directed in all seven productions for the company, most recently directing Three Sisters.

Rodney Hakim is (was! see NB below) a local director, actor, coach, and writer. Previous directing credits include such critically acclaimed productions as “Shining City,” “Frozen,” (Outrageous Fortune Co.), “Operation Ajax” (Butane Group), “Entertaining Lesbians” (named Select Artist, Fall Collection), and “No Exit” (named Best of the Fest, Midtown International Theatre Festival), as well as a long running series of Shakespeare readings in association with Barnes & Noble Bookstores.  NB:  Rodney now proudly carries on his family’s high-end rug business in Manhattan, serving as Vie President of Persian Gallery, New TYork, dealing in antique decorative carpets, oriental rugs and period tapestries, among other most beautiful treasures.  The Theater’s loss is most certainly the world of commerce, business and Art’s:  immeasurable

Susan McCallum* has appeared in the plays of William Shakespeare and Eugene O’Neill and will race to Devil’s Island for an encore of any of these with one hour’s notice. Additionally, she enjoyed working in plays of Brendan Behan, Frank Gilroy, Brian Friel and Sean O’ Casey, not to mention the infinite number of not yet famous New York playwrights whose dreams and visions she has been privileged to share. She is delighted to be working on Henry VI and thanks Virginia for this opportunity. She has also been a frequent and passionate performer for Shakespeare on Saturdays.

 Other Directors:

Chanelle BenzDavid Palmer Brown*Virginia Hammer*; see bios above

* Member of Actors Equity Association 


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